With Joy Zoom and Joy Zoom 90 it is possible to adapt light to your needs without loosing clarity and keeping PLG LED light quality.

immagini arco in


A new product of ARCO series for architectural lighting. ARCO IN, unlike other devices of the same range, can be recessed
and it is ideal to light entrances, arches, thresholds and doors with a direct light, giving light to frames and lintels with only one device.




immagini sede

PLG s.r.l.'s development and innovation road started 40 years ago and continues with the opening of the new headquarters.


arco ing


PLG presents ARCO, two new devices that offer the optimal solution for a scenographic and accent architectural lighting of windows and frames.

Anodised aluminium structure, silicone seal, stainless steel screws and handle: only the best materials to guarantee always excellent performances.