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PLG s.r.l.'s development and innovation road started 40 years ago and continues with the opening of the new headquarters.



An important step forward which further highlights PLG's care in a growth and improvement viewpoint towards a more efficient service and higher productivity.

So PLG increases its spaces with a new premises extended over an area of 10000 m2, of wich 2000 covered.
It hosts the manufacturing and administration areas placed side by side to a wide, glazed showroom capable of showing all PLG's products.

New headquarters to start new and interesting innovations and to deal with future challenges in LED lighting field.

immagini sito

At the same time, PLG has developed a new headquarters on the Internet: a website with a completely renewed technology and graphic
to allow users an easier and instant interaction with PLG in terms of contents, clarity and speed.

The Home page has been structured to show, with an instant glance, everything it is important to know:
the last equipment designed, the PLG's news, the different use fields.

The website surfing, easier and more intuitive, is further assisted by elements which orient the user choices
to the optimal answer of the different needs: images, datasheets, photometric files and user manuals.

PLG's website, with a responsive design, is integrated with main Social Networks to allow wider experience to users through sharing media contents of different nature.



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