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Nature and technology merged together to create always new amazing, bright combinations, giving a refined and pleasant light to gardens, parks, and terraces.





The bellflower stylised profile refers to the delicacy of the shapes and colours of nature.
With its light but tough structure, CAMPANULA easily integrates itself camouflaging among the plants.


campanula articolo



PETUNIA, with its graceful shape and its not intrusive personality, make light become the absolute protagonist.


petunia articolo




STICK is a PMMA bright column so thin to become almost invisible among the plants until night hours make its brightness appears.


stick articolo




STELO, delicate and willowy, during the day, blends itself with the environment; during the night it creates soft, diffused and scenographic light spots.


stelo articolo



 Like many stems with shining ends, PIN devices create delicate points of light. Using several elements and combining different heights it is possible to obtain a personalised light.




With its unquestionable functionality FIREFLY is swiveling and adjustable while its slight stem guarantees flexibility and resistance: it moves following the wind without
collapsing under its strength.

firefly articolo



With its simple design and its extreme flexibility of the head, STEM is suitable for a wide variety of applications: gardens, walkways, bushes, paths or,
using the version with base, in indoor or outdoor locations.




Discover the whole range of LED lights for gardens and outdoor spaces.


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